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Order-to-Cash digitalization.

How do you start your digitalization journey ?

How do you start the digitalization of your order-to-cash process?

On one side you are an experienced credit & collections manager with an experienced team and existing procedures.

On the other hand you see the opportunities and advantages of using credit & collection software linked to automated processes like e-invoicing, automated cash allocation, digitalised postal services etc.

myworkingcapital.eu can support and help you in taking the right decisions in every step and every aspect of this important transformation process.

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How can
help you?

Module 1

Audit & Specifications

myworkingcapital.eu starts your journey by auditing the current processes and defines recommendations for the future environment.

You will be able to use the audit & recommendation charter as a basis for your Request for Proposal, for Blueprint hand for the Implementation plan.


Module 1 results in an Audit & Specification Charter, the basis for Requests for Proposal and Blueprint for implementation in Module 2.

Module 2

Implement & Monitor

myworkingcapital.eu supports you in implementing the chosen solution.

We help you elaborate and execute the implementation plan and course from the early beginning of the test phase until the go live and start of your new digital era.


Module 2 results in a Detailed Implementation Plan with required Milestones to enable Module 3.

Module 3

Train & Coach

Once your new environment established myworkingcapital.eu will train and coach your teams to quickly and effectively use the new application.

myworkingcapital.eu will continuously monitor your teams and guide them with best practices in order to smoothly run your order-to-cash processes.


The final result of Module 3 is a Motivated Team with confidence for any Change in the O-2-C process.

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C&L working capital bv, with the brand name myworkingcapital.eu has more than 20 years of experience in designing and engineering credit & collections processes in multinational companies as well as in SME.

myworkingcapital.eu collaborates with the most experienced specialists in different areas of working capital management with special focus on digitalization. We work exclusively with state-of-the art partners and applications for SME or corporates.

Based in the capital of Europe, myworkingcapital.eu is working with multi-lingual consultants and has pan-European experience of implementing credit & collection strategies, including guiding and training team members in their new digitalized environment.

myworkingcapital.eu is experienced in the assessment and implementation of credit management software in various organisations and in different businesses.

Since 2000 myworkingcapital.eu has realized several pan-European projects of implementing and improving credit management and working capital processes. In 2005 C&L won the Award “Credit management project of the year”.

You want to know how we can support you in your transition towards a digitalized order-to-cash process?

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“Optimising working capital is more than recruiting a new credit manager or adapting existing procedures.”

Andre Coleman,
Founder myworkingcapital.eu


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